Real Talk

by Southern Coastal Weddings


No man in Savannah has said more vows than the Rev. Steve Schulte, so we asked him to sound off on the peeves and perks of an “I do” in the 912.

Bridal Modesty

Ladies: Lower your bouquets to waist level or they’ll cover the top of your strapless dresses. What’s the big deal, you ask? You and your bridesmaids will end up looking topless in photos. Just hold those flowers low and awkward. That’s right: awkward.

Planner, Please

Would you let a temporary worker do your job for a day? Then why are you tasking your mom or sister with your destination wedding details? Hire a local planner or day-of coordinator, and let your loved ones enjoy the celebration—and Savannah—as much as you do.

Let it Rain

Trust me: Rain on your wedding day is good luck in Savannah. I relate this to a nautical truism about tying the knot: When a ship is moored to the dock and the rope gets wet from rain, the knot gets stronger—so don’t be frazzled.

Watch the Clock

Planning a receiving line after the ceremony? Consider this: If each guest takes one minute to congratulate you, and you have 100 guests, that’s 100 minutes. Unless you want to spend two extra hours in the sun or the church, greet guests at the reception instead.

Mind Your Step

Outdoor ceremony? Rethink that aisle runner. The fabric or plastic will wrinkle in the grass when your attendants walk on it, catching the heels of everyone who follows them. And that means you. Consider a path of flower petals instead.

Picture This

Do your photographer a favor: Ask your guests ahead of time not to take pictures during the ceremony. Otherwise, your keepsakes will be full of smartphones, not faces.  Sure, guests can snap one or two shots as you enter and leave, but once the ceremony starts, nobody moves.

It’s Your Kiss

In your Savannah wedding, please make sure that your officiant steps out of the way for your kiss. You don’t want a third wheel in your photo! After a cameo during the vows, your officiant should step aside, like I do, before inviting the two of you to kiss.

22 Squared

Which park-like Savannah square is right for your wedding? That depends. Do you want huge live oak trees? Spanish moss? Historic homes? Or just an out-of-the way spot where you can say your vows in piece? My “best-kept secrets” are Orleans, Pulaski and Chatham Squares. Check them out.

Sweat Much?

Savannah can be humid. Plan accordingly. Don’t let your groom bring a tissue for his perspiration. When he goes to wipe his face, the tissue will get caught in his beard or stubble and he won’t notice. Have him bring a pure cotton hanky—washed and dried to make it more absorbent.

Tulle Legit

How can you make your wedding at the world-famous Forsyth Park fountain even better? Purchase about 300 feet of tulle and line the sidewalk up to the fountain. This will keep the oblivious tourists from walking into your moment. Say yes to the tulle!

Sound Garden

You’ve got the sights down. What about the sounds? Go to your location, stand there for a few minutes, and listen. Here that? Yes, you may want to consider a PA system for your outdoor ceremony.

Ask the Rev.

Even if you don’t hire me as your officiant, if your vendors don’t know who I am, consider different vendors. I’ve married more than 5,000 couples, including numerous celebrities. I’ve been on many TV shows and in nearly every issue of Savannah Weddings magazine, and I’m currently working on my own TV project.

Also, feel free to ask me about your vendors’ reputations. If they’re not that good, I will say: “Who else have you considered?”