Meet The Photographer: Andre Johnson

by Maggie Harney



Andre Johnson

Owner & Photographer

Andre Johnson Photography


My trick to making a couple feel comfortable is:

Spending time actually getting to know them before a shoot. Making them laugh always breaks the ice and takes the edge off. Great communication and listening to suggestions they have also helps.

A Savannah Wedding shoot isn’t complete without:

A great location, working with a great team that brings everything together, and loads of smiles/fun.

Outdoor or indoor?

Both, but I love natural light–especially during sunrise and sunset.

How do you know when you’ve got the perfect shot?

You can feel it in your soul. That sounds crazy but you actually feel butterflies. Every time you look back at that photo you’re just as excited as the first moment you took it.


Favorite place to shoot in Savannah?

I have a few, but my favorite is downtown. You have all the beautiful squares, the Spanish moss trees, the gorgeous homes with the antique stairs and more.

What’s the best shot you’ve ever taken?

It was the father-daughter dance. As they started to dance they both started to cry and I was able to catch the tears as they slowly fell down their faces. Such a powerful picture that I love to this day.

Your secret weapon?

Nothing would be possible without a great game plan, an open mind, clients who are willing to be creative and try something out of their comfort zone, a great team (hair, make up, second shooter, etc) and the right location, to say the least.  No matter how “good” I am as a photographer, those things make the magic come together at the end of the day.