Swoon-worthy Wedding Photos That Only Happen In the Golden Isles

by Southern Coastal Weddings

Brides looking for Southern Belle style can do no better than planning their nuptials in the Golden Isles along Georgia’s pristine coast, from St. Simons Island to Jekyll Island. For the short list of great shots to capture for the perfect Southern style, here are a couple pretty pictures for made “Only in the South.” 

1. Majestic Oaks


There are few things that place a person better than the natural flora, and down South there’s nothing more typical of the landscape than the beautiful oaks that line the avenues, grace the marshes, and frame the perfect wedding photo. For the quintessential Southern portrait, you can’t get better than this.

2. Beachside Walks


You could make the case that sand-lined natural shots can happen anywhere there’s a beach, but in the Golden Isles, we like to think our marshes and gorgeous sunsets give that “happily ever after” vibe better than anyone else. 

3. Driftwood Perfection


More than just your typical photo in the sand, the gorgeous setting at Jekyll Island’s Driftwood Beach is equally creative and inspiring, and 100% one of a kind. For a wedding photo that strives to go the extra, beachy mile, this is the one must-have that will achieve just that. 

4. Boardwalk Dreams


Perspective is the key to making any wedding photo memorable, and for the avant-garde and traditional bride alike, the boardwalk shot delivers a stunning Southern feel with bright sunsets and beautiful waves. No Golden Isles fairytale wedding is complete without it!

5. Boat Bliss


The nautical fascination down South can make any bride who loves a boat swoon—it’s hard to resist the beauty of the water, sails, and a sweet Golden Isles breeze. Plus, you’re outdoors, on the water, in a beautiful paradise–the natural lighting doesn’t get much better than this!

Find even more inspiration for the perfect Southern wedding in the Golden Isles – St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island Sea Island, Little St. Simons Island and Historic Brunswick. Photos provided courtesy of Brooke Roberts Photography.