A Simple Guide to Drone Wedding Photography

by Anna Morris

Drones. You’ve probably seen–and heard–one flying over your head at a large concert or even your neighborhood park. But this modern gadget is more than a fancy toy for your tech-savvy friend. These flying cameras are the latest way to capture moments from your wedding day.  

“Seeing your wedding or reception from a bird’s eye view is breathtaking,” says Jamie Weaver, owner of Dream Weaver Photos. “No one will ever get that shot.”

One example? Having the bridal party form a heart. It likely won’t translate through ground photography, but an aerial shot offers an intriguing and fun take on the scene.

Drone photography is also great for capturing cityscape and landscape photos: A couple on a beach at sunset or against a skyline transform from sweet and romantic to positively breathtaking.  



Still, keep in mind that a drone is not something that just anyone should pick up and try to maneuver. “Drones should be flown only by a professional with insurance and the proper requirements,” Weaver notes. “If you have an inexperienced flier, the drone can crash and do damage to property, and you lost those precious photos.”

Drones also tend to be a bit noisy, which is why Weaver’s assistant David Humphries is careful to only use the camera before and after the ceremony.

Drone photography pricing varies, but Dream Weaver Photos offers it on its own or as package rates. “We offer a special deal where we don’t charge for the drone at all; we trade hours, “ says Weaver. “If you feel you don’t need eight hours of photography or you don’t need all the hours your second photographer is there, simply trade two hours of ground photography for one hour of drone.”