Going Bold With Color

by Maggie Harney

The color schemes rolling off the trend bandwagon these days call for bright neons, vibrant jewel tones, and just about any color under the sun that screams to be seen.

From hot pink to fluorescent purples, the name of the game is less about demure and tasteful, and more about making the bold color statement right from the start.

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a bold color in mind, or just thinking of adding thoughtful details, consider these tips for adding something a little loud, a smidge snarky, and perhaps a tad too much.

Photography by Izzy Hudgins. Shot at The Kimpton Brice Hotel



The key to constructing a rich color palette for florals and decor is down to collaborating with different pieces to achieve an overall cohesive look. For Sebrell Smith’s bouquets, the hot pink roses were subdued with pastel colors and an overall gradient pink theme which utilized the statement flower without creating a look that was overwhelming. Instead of screaming, it sang, and that’s the thing to keep in mind.  

Take a tip from her expertise, and try to downplay a signature flower color with plenty of foliage and flowers to offset the highlight color with a more muted tone. While it may seem like you’re adding drag, it actually sharpens the effect of your bold color.



Table and accent decor are two places that can really show off your bold color. Between textures and patterns incorporated into your table settings, glassware, centerpieces, candles, vases, and more, the options are limitless.

A great place to start is your linen choice, or with an alternative to the traditional table fabrics, and your tableware. Get creative, mix and match, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Things that would have been design don’t a few years ago–like mixing varying shades of blues and blacks–are now options for your palette.

As you incorporate more details, like place settings and silverware, you can always add and subtract touches until the look feel right. And don’t forget about the food you’re serving to your guests–main courses and treats are great ways to incorporate your bold color as well!


A Statement Piece

Whether it’s your linens or your bridesmaid dresses, the heart of your color statement is down to how you plan on including it. Some people prefer to make a subtle nod, but for bright colors, don’t be afraid to go for the statement. Andrea Gray Harper, of Gray Harper Event Maker, chose this watercolor pop art print to make a hot pink statement, and then tied in the bright print with delicate china, colored goblets, and subdued place setting cards for a cohesive theme that sparks with creativity.

For more ideas on how to incorporate color, try dipping into your wedding palette for cocktail inspiration, a custom jewelry pick, or even a colored gown. While white wedding dresses and a black tux will always be a traditional staple, a colored dress for your big day, or even a colored velvet blazer for the groom, can express your unique personality.


Make-up Palette

A strong lip for the big day can seem daunting, but for the offbeat bride looking  for a bit of drama, it’s the perfect solution. For those daring enough to try it, pair it with a neutral eye palette and a dewy complexion–these two recommendations will keep your lips the highlight of the conversation.

When it comes to switching it up and going for a bold eye or cheek palette, the key is all in making the right color combinations. Try a classic cat eye with navy liner and a rose pink lip for a new twist on a tradition look that adds pizzazz without going crazy. Or for something a little bolder, go with a fuchsia tinted cheek, bold lashes, and a dash of glossy lip balm in the same hue. The romantic flush of the vibrant purples will give a delicate pop of color that won’t overpower your face.    

When it comes to customizing with a statement color, the sky’s the limit with what you choose to highlight, but the big tip to remember is to keep a good balance and let your personality and creativity do the rest.