Home For Christmas

by Southern Coastal Weddings

When only an intimate affair would do, Johanna Maleki and Dr. Brad Durham knew it was best to keep it all in the family. 

From The Photographer: I love the family setting and warm atmosphere of this wedding. The couple has known each other for nearly 20 years. Both Brad and Johanna lost their lifelong spouses to cancer and were able to find find friendship through the difficult times. The details were elegant and simple with the large floral arrangements and Christmas tree enhancing the beauty of the living room. If a couple desires a smaller event, home weddings can be a beautiful alternative to a large venue.


Behind The Veil

The big day: December 5, 2015

Ceremony: Family home of Dr. Brad Durham and Johanna Maleki

Event planner: Lauren Holcombe

Music: Kim Polote

Photographer: Sarah Kohut, Sarah Kohut Photography