Barefaced Beauty Tips for the Big Day

by Ariel Felton

While there are plenty of bold makeup trends out there—everything from thick cat-eye liner to vampy lips—the boldest trend to hit the makeup counters is to go without.

Celebrities like Alicia Keys and Alessia Cara have put down their foundation brushes to embrace their own natural glow, forgoing makeup at red carpet events like the 2016 MTV VMA. For 2017, the trend has invaded the wedding world, convincing brave brides that rocking natural faces is the “It” look of the season.

For those adventurous enough to try it, our Savannah spa experts chime in with the do’s and don’ts of going bare.  

Do…Eat Healthy Foods

Beauty starts from the inside, and just as what you eat is affecting your waistline, your diet can also affect your skin. Experts recommend organic foods, plenty of water, and healthy fats. 

“Add good fats to your diet,” Emma Bruzzesi, Bluemercury beauty expert, suggests.  “Two that I personally swear by and recommend are salmon and fresh avocado. Not only will they do wonders for your skin, but they’ll also give you healthy and shiny hair and nails.”

Do…Start Skin Care Early

Barefaced beauty takes longer than you’d expect and brides should nail down their skin care regimen at least six months before the wedding–which includes avoiding anything new within the last four weeks prior to the big day. 

Lenon Page from Spa Bleu recommends scheduling a facial once a month. “In that time a microdermabrasion or dermaplane should be done every 4 weeks,” he says. “And that’s in combination with organic enzyme peels, exfoliating peels, and serums.”

 DoEnhance The  Natural

You might be going bare faced, but there are plenty of ways to ramp up your natural features. Most beauty experts suggest Latisse for growing the lashes you always dreamed of.  A cheaper alternative is 100% pure castor oil. Courtney Victor Steigner and the experts at Glow Medical Spa also suggest a spray tan to add an extra glow on your special day.

Don’t…Get Stressed

Planning a wedding is going to be stressful, and stress is bad for your skin. Fight back by exfoliating and moisturizing often, and of course drinking lots of water. Bruzzesi suggests adding lemon juice and mint leaves to help rid your body of toxins, while Steigner swears by oxygen facials.

“The treatment helps to even skin tone, improve elasticity and tighten the skin,” Steigner says. “For a quick do it yourself treatment, I would grab one of our Karuna Face masks.”

 Don’t…Be Afraid To Cheat

If you’re not ready to go completely bare, there are plenty of ways to fake that natural glow. Opt for a tinted moisturizer instead of heavy foundation, giving your healthy skin a chance to shine. Courtney also suggests a neutral blush to add glow and a long-lasting lip stain so you can enjoy the night without having to worry about retouching.

Bruzzesi adds another tip for those not going totally bare: setting makeup in its place with a light powder. “My top recommendation is the RMS Beauty un-powder loose powder,” she said. “It is ultra-finely milled, talc-free, minimizes pores and helps absorb oil.”